Online Learning Academy (iConnect)

iConnect at the Olympia Regional Learning Academy

iConnect Academy offers students the ability to earn their high school diploma in a flexible and supportive manner that helps students focus on a quality education that best meets their individual goals. 

Students work on your courses anytime day or night, weekends, at home or anywhere a computer and online access is available. Our highly skilled teachers work with students closely to help ensure students can learn at their own pace – more quickly where possible so the student isn’t bored, and more slowly where a student may need more support. As a local online school, students also have the advantage of meeting individually with their teachers when face-to-face instruction would be most helpful. Our counselor also works closely with students and their families to help ensure that all students are working on a plan that moves them toward a diploma and on to college, additional training, or whatever the student’s goals might be after high school.

For more information, visit the or contact 360-596-7730.