Business Services

Business Services is responsible for all District financial activities including:


  • Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Pay General Fund and ASB invoices each Board Morning (accounts payable)

  • Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Generate District invoices and receive payments (accounts payable)

  • Reimburse for staff travel

  • Coordinate procurement cards

  • Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Check out travel credit cards

  • Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Process college work-study time slips

  • Write emergency checks

  • Input expense and revenue into WSIPC financial system

  • Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Analyze financial data and assist sites in the budgeting process

Contact Information:

Business Services
111 Bethel Street NE
Olympia, WA 98506
Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP. Voice: (360) 596-6120 / Fax: (360) 596-6121


Jennifer Priddy, Assistant Superintendent
Justin Lanting, Director of Finance & Business Services
Tricia Kelley, Accounting Supervisor
Stephen LordXổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP., Finance Specialist

Alicia Snyder, Executive Secretary & Accounts Payable
Mary Gibbons, Banking & Procurement Card Coordinator
Katherine Anderson, Accounts Payable

Lisa Piper, Business and Payroll Services Assistant