Arts Pathway

The courses in the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications career pathway prepare students for careers in art, design, digital media, and other forms of visual communication.

Capital High School

Art, ceramics, Visual communications and digital design.

Olympia High School

Art, ceramics, visual communications and glass art.

Avanti High School

Commercial art and graphic communications.

Olympia Regional Learning Academy (ORLA)

Film, media and photography.


This is primarily a studio art course that focuses on developing skills and techniques in media specific to drawing and painting. Students will use the elements of art to draw from observation and imagination.


This course prepares individuals creatively and technically to express emotions, ideas, or inner visions by sculpting works from clay. In addition students will explore commercial art business skills and career opportunities in the field of visual art.

Visual Communications

Students learn Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and how to take terrific photographs, create fun and interesting movies, and create amazing digital designs and illustrations.