In-District and Out-of-District Requests 2020-2021 School Year

Any student desiring to attend or continue to attend school in the Olympia School District, outside of their regular attendance area shall apply for a transfer. The Executive Director of Elementary Education and the Executive Director of Secondary Education will accept names for the waitlist. 


The waiting list will open to accept names for RENEWAL REQUESTS of currently enrolled student transfers on February 3, 2020. NEW REQUESTS for With-in-District and Out-of-District transfers will be accepted to the waiting list starting April 13, 2020. The waitlist will be closed for first round of review starting April 24, 2020. Those who have not been offered a spot by June 30, 2020 may choose to stay on the waitlist but should enroll with the school they are designated to attend based on residence. 


Please note that Kindergarten transfer requests will not be processed until after fall enrollment has been determined.


To be added to a waitlist for a school in the Olympia School District,  you must fill out the following form online. This form will allow the opportunity to make multiple requests for siblings if needed. 


  •  ( currently accepting NEW REQUESTS and RENEWAL)

Names added to the waitlist after April 24, 2020 will be considered in late August/ early September on a case-by-case basis and may have to wait until actual enrollment counts in September before receiving notification. Please note that school offices are closed in July and part of August.


Griffin and McCleary Students 

Griffin and McCleary students do not need to apply to attend Capital High School. They do need to go through the application process for Olympia High School by submitting a NEW REQUEST to the waitlist beginning April 13, 2020. They will be enrolled prior to other out-of-district students, but not before a Capital High School student wishing to attend Olympia High School. Once they enroll in an Olympia School District high school, that school will become their home high school for four years and they do not need to apply each year.


Shelton students attending Griffin DO need to apply to attend an Olympia School District as a nonresident student.


Transportation is provided for Griffin students to attend Capital High School.


If a Griffin or McCleary student wishes to enroll at ORLA or Avanti, they will go through the established application process for these schools.


Transfer Basics

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.A student shall attend the school designated for the student’s area of residence, as defined in Policy 3130. Student's school and resident school district is based on where the student resides. In some circumstances, a family may ask to transfer their student to a school outside of their resident district or school attendance area.


Approval or denial of a transfer request is based on criteria outlined in OSD board policy 3131 for resident students and 3141 for nonresident students. All transfer requests will be handled at the district office.


Due to high enrollment, not every school in the Olympia School District is open for In-district (Resident) and Out of District (Non-resident) transfers. Requests are granted based on: capacity of the requested school, academic history, attendance history and disciplinary history of requesting student.

Important things to consider before submitting a transfer request:



Parents will provide transportation for students who voluntarily attend a school outside their attendance area.


WASHINGTON INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION (WIAA) Secondary students who request transfers are subject to the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association eligibility rules.



A Note About "Feeder" Schools

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Olympia School District schools have designated "feeder" schools. If you request an elementary or middle school that feeds into a middle school or high school outside of your home attendance school, you will either have to continue to request annual transfers and transport your child to and from school, or your child will have to separate from his or her peer group when moving up to middle school or high school.


Optional Programs

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.These steps do not apply to students seeking enrollment in Lincoln Options, Hansen-HAP, Jefferson-JAMS, Marshall CSI, unless the student ALSO seeks to attend that school in the general population. Please see Educational Programs section of our website for more details to apply to these programs.


ORLA and Avanti, have an established application process. Please visit their school websites for details.


**Siblings of those who have been accepted into JAMS or CSI program by lottery may also apply to the waitlist by the above link.


Transferring OUT of the Olympia School District?

For students who live in the Olympia School District and would like to enroll in a school outside the Olympia School District.  Please use the to submit your request electronically, releasing your child from Olympia School District to attend another district. Or visit the district office to obtain a Choice Transfer Request Form, releasing your child from Olympia School District to attend another district.


** Student and Parent/Guardians should check in with their school Academic Counselor and Registrar prior to submitting a request in the portal.  The district office will verify that notification has been made prior to releasing a student. 


New to the area?

If you are new to the area and would like to know what school/ district boundary you are in, please visit the website below. Enter your address in the field to search.


District Attendance Area Transfers 

The following procedures apply to the transfer of Olympia School District residents from one Olympia School District school to another Olympia School District school. A parent/guardian of entering kindergarten-eligible students through entering twelfth (12th) grade students may request that their child be allowed to attend another school in the district. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to apply at the assigned school in case the desired school cannot accommodate the student. Requests for transfers must be submitted to the Executive Director of Elementary Education or the Executive Director of Secondary Education by using the Student Transfer Waitlist Request link above.


Once a student is accepted for enrollment at another school, the student must RENEW their enrollment request annually.  The student does not have a guaranteed enrollment from year to year, but the intent is for students to continue year to year in the school where accepted.  Parents/guardians must request enrollment renewal by submitting their name to the waitlist. 


Procedure For Nonresident Student Transfer 

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.Any nonresident student desiring to attend or continue to attend school in the Olympia School District shall apply for a nonresident transfer. The Executive Director of Elementary Education and the Executive Director of Secondary Education will accept names for the waitlist.


  • Students already enrolled at the school will submit their request to be put on the waitlist on the first day of the second semester for the following year. The intent is to continue enrollment of students who have been accepted for the previous year dependent upon space.
  • Students who are not currently enrolled in the school will submit their request to be on the waitlist on the Monday following spring break.


Inter-District Transfer Form 2020-21


Once the district identifies space available by school, grade, program and services, applications will be accepted in-order of the waitlist. Nonresident transfers will be managed at the district office.


In addition to the standards set forth in Policy 3141, consideration of applications will include, but not be limited to the following criteria:


When the student has completed the junior year in the Olympia School District and desires to graduate from the Olympia School District, even though the student’s family no longer resides in the District; or


  • When the student is experiencing adjustment problems in another school district and the appropriate officials from both the resident school district and the Olympia School District believe that the student’s problems may be alleviated by a transfer to the district; or
  • When attendance in the resident district would impose an undue hardship of a financial, educational, safety or health nature upon the student or the parent/guardian; or
  • When attendance at the school in the nonresident district is more accessible to the parent’s/guardian’s place of work or to the location of child care; and
  • When the parent/guardian can provide safe and timely transportation to and from school.



Nonresident students not currently enrolled must submit their name for the waitlist. If contacted by the district office and offered a spot, the following process should be followed:


  • Obtain a release from the resident (home) district. Apply to attend for the next fall and submit transfer form to the Executive Director of Elementary Education or the Executive Director of Secondary Education at the district office for the following school year (2020-2021)
  • Notification will be made if space is available.
  • Students not accepted by June 30 will be notified that they have not been accepted and may elect to remain on the waitlist.
  • In late August/early September, the District will determine how many additional students, if any, can be accepted into each school. Parents/guardians will be contacted regarding openings. (It is recommended that you enroll with your resident attendance area until you have been offered a space.)
  • The waitlist starts over each school year.
  • Parents/guardians are to contact the Executive Director of Elementary Education or the Executive Director of Secondary Education to accept or decline the enrollment spot.
  • Mid-year applications will be accepted based on space availability.

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết thứ 7 TP.   



The District shall approve a requested transfer of a nonresident student to attend a school in the District for a period not to exceed one (1) year. The intent is for the student to continue at the school, but a request for renewal needs to take place yearly.


Any student who transfers to the Olympia School District is expected to be in compliance with other District policies, including those relating to student attendance, academic and disciplinary standards.